In 2005, Aaron Goldwater created Goldwater Solar with the goal of being involved in the transformation from a carbon-intensive society to a sustainable one.  We got our feet wet in the solar industry by being involved in the installation of solar water heaters.  At that time Aaron became one of the first Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) Solar Thermal Certified Installers.  In the next few years we began offering solar pool heating, solar space heating and solar power solutions for residential, commercial and institutional customers.  Our knowledge of system design and installation has been built on the pride we take in our work.  Our reputation and past work experience speaks for itself.  We have successfully completed projects for Universities and Colleges, Businesses and Homeowners looking to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and save money.


We offer design, installation, and maintenance of solar hot water, solar pool heaters and solar power systems in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond for residential, commercial and institutional customers.

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