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Tim S., Toronto
Solar Hot Water Heater

Goldwater Solar Services installed a drainback evacuated tube-based solar hot water heating system on my home in the spring of 2007.  For 6 and a half years it has worked flawlessly to heat my family’s hot water system without any maintenance needed.

I chose Goldwater Solar, because of Aaron’s deep knowledge of solar systems and extensive experience in installing them. Aaron was also able to nicely incorporate my existing drain-water heat-recovery unit in the installation of the solar system thereby optimizing the heating of my home’s domestic water.

My young children are now quite familiar with the workings of the system due to its elegant simplicity. End-of-day temperature-readings in the storage tank have become intuitive to them knowing what the weather was like during the day. Having my children become comfortable with this technology was a major consideration for my wife and me to make this investment.

The solar system has easily cut the amount of natural gas the gas hot water heater uses by half while the drain-water heat-recovery unit contributes another 10%.  The system further provides the other benefit of reducing the wear and tear on my natural gas hot water heater. Given the often high pre-heat temperature the solar system is able to achieve (e.g. ≥60 C or 140 F) in the spring and summer months, the natural gas hot water heater rarely has to fire. This is enormously satisfying.

My family finds using the system very convenient. Because of the storage tank, we haven’t had to adjust our life-style routines at all.  I would definitely recommend Goldwater Solar if you want to a reliable system that can save you money and help the environment at the same time.

Bob H., Toronto
Solar Hot Water Heater and Tankless Water Heater

We are very pleased with the solar domestic hot water system you installed on our rooftop. We are particularly impressed with the custom design you devised to suit our unique situation. The system provides virtually 100% of our household hot water needs from April to October. To our surprise, even during the sub-zero temperatures of January, if it’s a sunny day, the system provides all the hot water our household of four needs.

Now that we are well into our fourth year of operation, we can confirm that there has been a substantial reduction in our natural gas consumption. As well as saving us money, as environmentalists, we are happy that going solar has reduced our household greenhouse gas emissions.

K & K J., Thornhill
Solar Hot Water System and Tankless Water Heater

We just got our first gas bill that includes an actual meter reading since the solar was installed. Our meter was read on July 10 (just after installation) and then again on September 11. Here are some statistics for you to join Kurt and I in feeling proud of:

Previous meter reading on July 10, 2008: 1197 x 100 cubic feet
Current meter reading on September 11, 2008: 1198 x 100 cubic feet
Gas used this period: 1 x 100 cubic feet

Customer charge: $14.00
Delivery charge: $0.31
Gas Supply charge: $0.76

We have been very careful about doing hot-water laundry in the afternoon on sunny days, taking showers at the end of the day, etc., and we are thrilled with how it has paid off. Boy are we smiling!!

Dan D., Newmarket

Solar Hot Water System supplementing a Paloma Tankless Water Heater and Lifebreath Airhandler for Space Heating

I have seen a 25% decrease in my gas consumption by installing a integrated system of a solar panel, an on-demand water heater, and a hydronic furnace.

Along with other changes in my life style, this integrated system has made a significant reduction in my household production of greenhouse gases and my personal environmental footprint.