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Solar Power

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The cost for solar power equipment has come down dramatically over the couple years.   Systems installed under the MicroFIT program start from $12,000 and earn 39.6 cents/kWh guaranteed for 20 years providing an attractive return on investment.  They generally pay for themselves in 5 to 9 years.  We can set you up with financing if needed to help make your solar project a reality.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems that are connected to the power grid through Ontario’s MicroFIT program get paid for the power they produce and at a rate many times what you pay for electricity – providing an attractive return on investment.  Using our analytical software, we can estimate the power that you will produce over the 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) using solar data from the past several decades.  By giving us a call we can quickly estimate what you can fit on your roof and what sort of revenue you can generate from a solar power system.

We will navigate you through the process to make it easy for you and get your Solar Power System connected to the electrical grid.

The process is as follows:

1. Analyze your roof’s potential – We will analyze your roof’s potential and provide you with a proposal for a solar power system including the revenue you can expect from the system and how long it will take to pay for itself.

2. Submit an application to the Ontario Power Authority through the MicroFIT web portal – This is done online.  We can help guide you through this process or do it on your behalf.  There is no obligation to proceed with the project once submitted and no cost associated with the application.

3. Submit a connection application to your local hydro company – Once you have received a conditional offer from the OPA, we will put together an application to your local hydro company.  Your local hydro company will tell you whether there is capacity on the grid for your system or not.

4. We sign a contract with you and take a deposit.

5. We complete the installation of your solar power system.

6. The system is inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and approval is passed to the local hydro company.

7. The local hydro company installs a secondary meter to measure the solar power produced.

8. We switch it on and the local hydro company notifies the OPA and they issue the final contract.

9. You sign the final contract online.

10. You produce power for the next 20 years!

Currently, the Ontario Power Authority is offering 39.6 cents/kWh for electricity from rooftop solar power systems that are less than 10kW in size through the MicroFIT program.  MicroFIT is currently accepting applications.

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